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Bugs fixed

Thank you / SAOL

All the bugs reported have been fixed ingame in the server restart. Thanks to everyone who has reported the issues.

Item Dismantle and manufacture

You will also be able to use the item dismantle and manufacture where you can make the newest weapons and armor in the game.

Please remember Dark knights and Apostle of fire in Ronark land drop items such as trinas for high class and reverse items along with dragon boxes! Enjoy.



Bug Reporting

Subimit a ticket

Please remember to use the ticket system to report any bugs you may come across. If you find a bug ingame if you could make a video showing that bug you will be rewarded with Knight cash.



BETA server information

How to gain items, server rates.

Unique accessories!

All kind of unique accessories can be found in your INN.

Free gifts

Golden Mattock, Golden Fising rod, Valkyrie set, Pathos Gloves, Transformation scrolls amonst others can be found in your letterbox. You can access this by clicking the letter icon ingame at the top left of your screens.


Anvil rates information and drop Rates increased to 400%.

You can upgrade Low, middle and high class items which are available in the store in Moradon.

Lower and middle class items can be upgraded to (+10)! whilst also having a better anvil rate at (+9) and above. The upgrade limit on high class and unique weapons and armor is (+9) and can be upgraded to reverse (+21), if the item is rebirthed.

NP store! / Moradon Stores

You can buy Dragon flight armor ingame, along with high class items and unique items in Moradon.

Bug reporting!

The whole point in a BETA is finding out any bugs and reporting it. If you find any bugs please report them by logging onto the website and submitting a ticket. You will be able to report them on the forums once the maintenance on the forums is completed. Thanks and enjoy!



Registration Open

V.2117 BETA

Registration now open!

The registration for the open BETA has now opened! To create your accounts press the 'Account tab' at the top of the page.

Remember EMAIL!!

Use a correct email. Not only do you need to remember your email for secruity reasons, you will have to validate your account through a code getting sent to your email.

Remember SEAL pin number!!

Also please remember your SEAL PIN. The seal feature has been made free for everyone. This is needed to seal and unseal your vauleable items so theres no excuses for you to be losing your very best items.



Knight- Kingdom V.2117 OPEN BETA


Welcome to the Knight Kingdom website. Feel free to join in on the BETA, where you can buy dragon flights and other unique items from the store including the NP store. You can download the open BETA here The BETA is currently PVP related and is planned to last for less than a week.

In this BETA there is so much more features and is currently 100% V.2117! Including a new under the castle event! When the server becomes official the server will return to a light farm server.