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Double trouble

Double EXP / NP EVENT!

For this weekend there will be a 100% National points AND a 100% Experience bonus!!! Make sure your in-game to make the most of it

Have fun!



Spirit of genie Free!

Another server first!

Another first for the Knight online world is Spirit of genie has been made free to our players for level 79 and below! This new feature allows your character to move, heal , MP pot, town, repair, attack for you and even towns for rouges when arrows are low...! And you just need to watch the show!

That's not all Spirit of genie has been reduced a massive 100% in the power up store for the higher levels to enjoy the feature!

And most importantly there is no need for any player to use third party tools most has keyloggers that can steal your account information not to mention using any third party tools will get your account permanently banned.

So go ahead in game and try the latest feature. you can simply start this by pressing the play button on the top right of the screen and the arrow pointing down to setup your skills etc. Enjoy.



New Donation Option!


As some users could not use the existing options we have added a new donation option Moneybookers
To use this new option login into the website and on the 'donate tab' > 'MoneyBookers' do as instructed on the page. When your done submit a ticket giving the details of the moneybookers payment and it will be added to your account as soon as possible.



New feature!

Old Uniques manufacting

There has been a new feature added since the server restart!

You are now able to try to upgrade your Old Uniques by offering to exchange 3 old uniques of the same kind for an original unique by visiting (jewelry worker) jewel in Moradon! For more information check the forums!




I'm glad you joined us! in this version there is much more features, quests which you can get stuck into! to see these new features head on in game and join the fun.

For guides and more information on the server please check out the forums. If you need any help reguarding your account or have any questions feel free to submit a ticket by logging onto the website. Thanks and have fun!